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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Nathan is worried that this blog has gone rather quiet. Not to worry, all is well, though I have been out of action with a bug for the last few days - me not my computer.

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I have been taking a look at LiveJournal, following Daf's suggestion and it does offer a solution to some of the problems I raised about interaction. It provides separate message boards for each journal page, allowing users to comment on comments and build up some kind of meaningful discussion.

However, I am not keen on the way the way Live Journal is set up. Access to templates is really only available to paying users - free users can make minor changes and can pick from a range of readymade templates. Unfortunately the discussion boards seem to lie outside the template system, so I am not sure that whether it is possible to change the way they look.

I am also not sure how the RSS feeds work for live journal. I suspect that they only cover postings to the journal itself, rather than the comments pages.

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I will be posting some thoughts about blogs and ease of use shortly (well tomorrow at the latest).


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